The 8th ICCA Latin America Meetingn began

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The 8th ICCA Latin America Meetingn began
Seg 05 de agosto de 2019

The event that takes place in Salta (Argentina) and brings together the main operators of meetings tourism from more than twenty countries

With the presence of the main referents of the tourism of meetings of more than 20 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, the governor of Salta Juan Manuel Urtubey officially opened the 8th edition of the Latin American Meeting of ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association) and the 13 Client Suppliers Workshop.

During the opening ceremony, the Governor stressed that the great dream of union of South America and the Caribbean is strengthened through tourism, which allows "to build lasting ties", while contributing "to the progress of the peoples."

In assessing that this market segment makes an important contribution to communities, Urtubey said that meeting tourism, while generating significant income in the region, drives the creation of registered work.

In the particular case of Salta, the president pointed out that “in the last decade the province became the third destination of meetings tourism in Argentina”. He attributed this great growth, which the country also experienced, to the articulated work between the public and private sectors: “It was possible to break prejudices to understand that tourism requires a solid state presence to articulate it with the operators,” he said.

The president of the Chamber of Tourism of Argentina, Aldo Elías, highlighted Salta's work and pointed it out as "a key example" in promoting this destination. He said that the "symbiotic" union between public and private, along with intense campaigns in the national and international markets, managed to position it in an enviable place.

For his part, the regional director of the ICCA Santiago González, said that Salta is not only the first and only Argentine province to host this important meeting, but it is also unpublished that the meeting is held in a destination that is not the capital of a country. "This is the magic that is generated from a great work of organization, a great team and a great professionalism of Salta," he said.

Finally, the Secretary of Tourism of the Municipality of Salta Mario Peña, recalled that 14 years ago the Bureau was projected with the idea of ​​developing meeting tourism in Salta “as a destination, as a province and as a city”.

The meeting will allow the exchange of information and the discussion of current and future projects, while it will work to update on the latest developments about tourism products and services.

During the days of the event the participants will visit different points and tourist attractions of the Province; Cabra Corral Dam, Güemes Museum, Historical Museum of the North, High Mountain Archeology Museum, San Bernardo Cable Car and Train to the Clouds.

In addition, on Tuesday, August 6, the 13th Client / Supplier Workshop will be held at the Salta Convention Center, where ICCA members hold meetings with professional associations, with the possibility of holding their next events in the territory.

Also in the same place, on Wednesday, August 7, the Educational Session will be held, which will be open to the general public. Various talks will be given on innovation projects, identity and belonging, creativity, statistics and social sustainability, among others.

The meeting represents a great opportunity for the province to establish contact with the decision makers of the associations that schedule the events in the region and show them the potential as a destination for their next events.


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