Online reputation, increasingly determining

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Online reputation, increasingly determining
16 de julho de 2019

The new study published by TripAdvisor and Ipsos MORI reveals that 4 out of 5 people consult comments before making their reservation


TripAdvisor®, the world's largest travel platform, today announced the results of a study that finds out how revisions significantly influence reserve decisions.
The global study, conducted in collaboration with Ipsos MORI, surveyed more than 23,000 TripAdvisor users in 12 markets on the use of online reviews and their role in booking hotels, restaurants and experiences.

Reliable and accurate reviews
The study reveals that the wisdom of the crowd is still the reason why respondents visit TripAdvisor, with participating users citing descriptive and useful reviews (70%), content accuracy (62%) and the wide range of Travel content (62%) as your main reasons for visiting the site.
In all reviews of hotels, restaurants and attractions, more than four out of five (85%) participants report that the comments they read on TripAdvisor accurately reflect their experience, and 86% agree that TripAdvisor makes them feel more insurance in their booking decisions.
"These findings show how important travelers are to find real perspectives of real people when they are planning their trips," said Becky Foley, Senior Director of Trust and Security at TripAdvisor. "While there are thousands of places to get travel information online, people keep coming back to TripAdvisor because they are guided by the comments and can plan with confidence the most suitable trip for them."

People trust people
The results show that traveler reviews are still a source of information, since 72% of respondents always or often read the reviews before making a decision about where to stay and eat, or what to do. The figure is even higher when it comes to accommodation reservations, with four out of every five participating travelers (81%) who always or often read reviews before booking a place to stay.
Nearly 8 out of 10 TripAdvisor users (79%) are more likely to book a hotel with a higher bubble rating when choosing between two identical properties, and more than half (52%) agree that they will never book a hotel. hotel without comments.

Current affairs and consistency are important for travelers.
When investigating their trips, respondents indicate that the most important thing they look for when reading reviews is the recent content. They want to know that what they are reading is a new perspective for a fellow traveler, with 78% focusing on the most recent reviews.
TripAdvisor users make thoughtful decisions, with almost four out of ten respondents (39%) saying they ignore extreme comments, and more than half of respondents (55%) read several reviews on several pages to get a sense general opinion of the people. On average, TripAdvisor users read nine comments before making a decision about booking a hotel or restaurant.

Why do people write reviews?
The results of the investigation emphasize that TripAdvisor is not simply a place for people to express their complaints. When asked about their motivations to write comments and share their stories on TripAdvisor, the main reason given by 87% of people is that they want to share good experiences with other travelers; This is supported by the fact that the average global rating on TripAdvisor in 2018 was 4.22 out of five.
Foley adds: "With our minimal amount of words and candid photos, travelers can share their experiences and stories with other travelers, which allows our reviews to serve as a real guide during the planning process."

The Power of Reviews project polled 23,292 TripAdvisor users in 12 markets (Australia, China, France, German speaking, India, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States) between May and June 2019. The survey pointed to Users who had visited the site in the last 12 months. The sample consists of TripAdvisor users who opted for a survey panel and were invited to participate in the research through an email link that directs them to an online survey platform. Ipsos MORI participated in the design of questionnaires and data analysis. The results are weighted to represent the residence profile of TripAdvisor users in the participating markets.


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