Guatemala advances in the creation of the Country Brand

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Guatemala advances in the creation of the Country Brand
Source: INGUAT
28 de outubro de 2021

It is expected to be presented at the end of the first half of 2022

In the General Government Policy 2020-2024, among the strategic actions in pillar five of Relations with the World, the goal is to promote the country's image and brand abroad; among the steps is the creation of a country brand that identifies us, based on our values, quality of life and business aptitude.

This project is led by the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism -INGUAT-, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economy, with which it seeks to positively position and identify Guatemala in the international market and thereby make the country capable of attracting tourists, investors, potentiate exports as well as new businesses.

The Director General of INGUAT, Mynor Cordón pointed out “The Country Brand is typified as a competitiveness strategy for Guatemala, to position a positive image abroad. With this, it is intended to attract investors, tourists and buyers of national products; reduce the gap between perception and reality of the country outside the borders and, above all, promote the actions that Guatemalans do in the world ”.

For his part, the Minister of Economy, Antonio Malouf explained “We have worked hand in hand with INGUAT and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs so that the Country Brand comprehensively addresses the potential of Guatemala as an ideal destination for investment and with highly competitive products in the international market, in addition to the great tourist attraction that we have ”.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Pedro Brolo Vila, in a message shared through Vice Minister Aguilar, stated that he is extremely satisfied with this joint effort that officially begins today and will promote the positioning at the national and international level to strengthen bilateral and multilateral relations. between Guatemala and the world.

The specialist in brand development, Gustavo Koniszczer, Director of FutureBrand for Latin America, shared the importance of having a project of this type that will allow the country to have a great impact on both tourism and commercial performance and place Guatemala next to others. countries that already have your brand.

The Guatemala Country Brand process is being developed by Regional de Comunicaciones SA according to the event NOG 14642085 that was awarded on July 29 in Guatecompras.

The construction of the Country Brand will include the diagnosis and research of reference countries of competitiveness and issuers for Guatemala in trade, investment, tourism such as Canada, the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, the United Kingdom, Korea, India, Mainland China and Japan.

It will be developed in seven phases:

1. Executive report of diagnosis and recommendations of the context of the brand and its research communications with key players, competitive environment and good practices, trends for the brand and strategic recommendations based on the findings and detection of opportunities.

2. Two creative proposals of value and credible, relevant and sustainable strategic positioning that inspire the different sectors and audiences in the country, including “Big Idea” and elements of the brand model, definition of values, purpose, personality and positioning.

3. Visual audit of the creation of the Country Brand, two alternatives for visual identity design, including the isologotype / logo and its applications.

4. Communication guides that include tone and manner, key message, guidelines for use and application, final / visual presentation of tones and forms, key message, and guidelines for application and use of the Country brand.

5. Brand presentation, proposal of a launch strategy, positioning and adoption of the Country Brand for the different internal and external audiences, including a promotion plan.

6. Country Brand Manual, brand use manual in digital and printed version.

7. Brand management, planning and development of the digital platform for the correct administration and management of the assets of the Guatemala Country Brand.

The country brand is expected to be completed at the end of the first semester of 2022. Peru, Colombia and Costa Rica are some of the countries that have a country brand, and through its good management, they have improved their reputation and perception. international standing out for its gastronomy, economy and nature respectively.


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