Bleisure does not stop its growth

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Bleisure does not stop its growth
23 de julho de 2019

More and more people are traveling for business and take the opportunity to meet and have fun at their destination. They will generate more than 1,400 million euros in 2026 worldwide

According to a study by Report Consultant, an annual growth of 4.1% is expected for this type of tourism, as it will generate more than 1,400 million euros in 2026. On the other hand, the Braintrust Tourist Barometer states that “three out of five users are willing to opt for isure bleisure’ ”.

Given this, we have sought to bring together the characteristics of the 'bleisure' tourist in a profile that allows travel agencies, hotels and tour operators to adapt their offer to them. The one who exercises this type of tourism usually travels every two months (38%), spends 32% more than the conventional tourist, which implies a stay of two or three more days, brings his partner and / or family with him and passes most of the time in conferences.

Likewise, the 'bleisure' tourist is usually millennial, that is, he is between 25 and 35 years old, makes more national trips (87%), stays more days of work than leisure, 84% stays in the same city and same Hotel and is characterized by its flexible character. "These are experts who tend to work from home or during the night hours for leisure activities during traditional work times," said the hotel line representative.

According to a study by IE Observatory and MasterCard,, bleisure ’is one of the most significant recent changes in the tourism industry worldwide, especially in the young consumer. The figures show it. Nearly 62% of ‘millennials’ take advantage of business trips to add days of entertainment and tourism. In travelers between 46 and 65 years, the percentage is 37%.

This behavior is not only strengthened in individual travelers. It is also a new business focus for corporate hotel chains, specialists in the organization of events and academic or business forums.

Some statistics indicate that men are more likely to extend their stay than women. When a man chooses to add days to his trip to enjoy the destination, he usually does it in the company of other colleagues. The woman, in addition to adding days for leisure, usually incorporates members of their families, such as husband and children. However, in most cases of bleisure, both men and women remain alone.

According to a study conducted by Expedia, the 'bleisure' tourist is characterized as a frequent traveler. 38% travel every two months. He usually does it only in more than half of the cases, although sometimes, by prolonging his stay during the weekend, he takes the opportunity to bring his partner and / or family. The workers come from the field of technology, finance, health, public administrations and education. Conferences become the main reason for your visit, followed by business meetings and 'team building'.
The 'bleisure' traveler profile is curious, restless and dynamic, likes to keep up to date with the latest trends. Always make the most of both your leisure and work moments.

The appearance of this profile has necessarily caused a transformation of the urban hotel. In addition to adding a 'lifestyle' component, with room for gastronomic, cultural, sports, social interaction and 'spas' experiences, 'bleisure' reduces the seasonality of the tourism industry.


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