Generation Z, great opportunity for the tourism industry

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Generation Z, great opportunity for the tourism industry
09 de julho de 2019

It is the most optimistic segment and most willing to travel alone. In addition, they prefer to spend their money on trips rather than on material belongings

Generation Z, aged between 16 and 24 years, not only has the power to shape the world, but also wants to start discovering it. In an increasingly connected world, in which travel is easier than ever, has conducted a global study with almost 22,000 participants from 29 markets to better understand the profile of the traveler of Generation Z, a study that has revealed not only their travel plans, but also the relationship between these and their aspirations in life.

Adventurous spirits with ambition
Although many members of Generation Z have just come of age, they already have very clear travel plans. 55% plan to visit at least three different continents in the next ten years and 44% want to study or live in another country.

Willing to travel alone
46% of the travelers of Generation Z affirm that they travel with their family because it is the way they have to know places that they could not visit otherwise due to lack of funds. However, the young people of Generation Z are willing to travel alone.

As for lists of pending things, no one wins them
More than 5 out of 6 Spaniards of Generation Z (85%) already have a list of pending trips with things they want to do or see before they die, a percentage that rises to 90% in the case of women (vs. 76% men).

Travel vs. vital objectives
Generation Z has grown up in a world in which economic and financial instability has practically been the norm worldwide during the last decade. That is why his attitude towards finances is a good barometer of his attitude towards life. More than 7 out of 10 young people of Generation Z believe that it is always worth investing in traveling.

The priorities of Generation Z
When asked about their spending priorities, Generation Z prioritized trips to other options in 6 of the 7 cases that were raised, especially when compared to material belongings or more fleeting experiences.

Outside the office: on
Whether they are still deciding what they want to do or if they have just entered the world of work, the notion of "professional career" is still new for this generation, so it is not surprising that 86% think that getting a job is the most important life experience.

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